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Plug & Perform Data ®

Enhance your marketing & sales performance with specialist data

of your target audience or ideal customers, that you can simply download, plug into your marketing funnel or sales pipeline and watch the results scale.

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Benefits Of Plug and Perform® Databases

You will be able to take databases containing your ideal target audience, from location to earning bracket to interests to fact-finding questionnaires and buying signals, all this data will be fully compliant and you will have the ability to plug this data directly into your marketing strategy, which in return will reduce interest testing, reduce cost per acquisition, reduce sales time wasted, increase revenue and ultimately improve your overall marketing and sales performance.

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Take Our 300 million + records of performance data and Plug it into your sales & marketing strategy

✅  Social Advertising targeting
✅  Google Ads Audience segments
✅  Youtube Audience targeting
✅  Amazon Specialist targeting
✅  Email Marketing segments
✅  Organic Funnels
✅  Door Drop Marketing
✅  Flyers & Leaflets
✅  Plug into a dialer for your sales team

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Scale Your Marketing & Sales Efforts Effectively and Efficiently with Plug and Perform® data

✅  Reduce CPA
✅  Increase Reach Drastically & Quickly
✅  Reduce Wasted Ad Spend
✅  Increase AOV Faster Than Ever
✅  Scale To New Audiences
✅  Build Your Organic Base
✅  Intent Leads Generated Ready To Use








You specify your precise target audience for marketing or sales, and we'll furnish a detailed big data set tailored to that specific search. This data is highly effective for marketing campaigns and extensive outreach to generate Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs).

Criteria match, similar to how DATABASE MATCH operates with a foundational set of data from our 300+ million consumer records, we then refine and target the data by incorporating additional criteria and conducting fact-finding. This process results in a more focused and effective database, commonly utilized for digital advertising, email outreach, and call sessions.

Our intent option is more focused on lead generation rather than a database. It operates by providing highly qualified and accurate data records, either compiled in real-time or recently, tailored to meet specific needs. This approach is typically effective for SQL leads or hotkeys.

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General E-commerce

Competition & Gambling


Consumer Purchasing

Financial Services

Eco Energy

E-commerce brands

Investments & Crypto

Real Estate

Business Utilities



Office Equipment

Food & Drink

Recent Results from Plug & Perform®


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How Does It Work?

Identify your target audience or ideal customer

Discuss with our team your ideal target audience and we will provide you with an audience size that could be used.

Plan and placement

Once we have established your target audience, budget, and volume required, we will then begin preparing your database.

Quality checks and send

Data will be quality checked and prepared by our custom platform instantly once the order is placed, we will then send your ideal audience database via our custom software.

Plug & Perform ®

Once you have the data, we will provide you with helpful guides and proven strategies to allow you to make the most of the database, we can also assist with plugging that data into the relevant platforms as per your marketing, sales goals if required.

We will provide detailed analytics and research to back your campaign and ensure the decision and targeting are right for your business and campaign.

Sit back and watch the results

Once the database has been plugged into your marketing funnel and/or sales pipeline the data will begin working hard for you, so now you can sit back and prepare for the results.

The compliant way to prospect

Gen3s global database complies with evolving international privacy laws, helping you to connect & close with complete confidence.

✓Notified database  

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